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Hi guys,

Suede have just come up with a wonderful new album - "Bloodsports"! I am sure that more 
detailed tabs will follow, but I will submit the chords for several of the new songs. 
Let's begin with the album opener, "Barriers:"

Standard open tuning, place a capo on the 2nd fret (or else begin from F#, rather than 
from E)

Intro: E  A  C#m  A   (x3)


E                   A
Aniseed kisses and lipstick traces,

C#m                 A             E
lemonade sipped in Belgian rooms

E                    A
couldn't replace the graceful notions

G                       Asus2    A
that clung to me when I clung to you.

E                         A
And they touched you like no one touched you,

C#m                       A                E
when you broke they were there with glue,

A                      E
and their kindness was not a weakness

G                     Asus2           A
when they were there they were there for you.


    E           Am
But will theeeeeey love you,

E                  C#m
the way, the way I loved you?

    B              A
we jumped over the barriers

 B              C     B
jumped over the barriers.

(Follow the same pattern for the rest of the song)

Tabbed by Hristomir Stanev (requett@yahoo.com)
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