• Song:

    For The Widows In Paradise For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti

  • Artist:

    Sufjan Stevens

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There are a lot of versions up on the site, but, sadly, most are incorrect. Here
are the real chords (of course, Sufjan changes it up with interesting pull-offs
and hammer-ons with his banjo, but just toy with it and you can get it)

Tuning - Standard

Capo - 8

Chords used - Em C G D

Verse 1:

Em                C         G                 D    Em               C
I have called you children, I have called you son. What is there to answer if 
G            D    Em               C          G                D      Em                     
I'm the only one? Morning comes in paradise - morning comes in light. Still I 
      C            G      D
must obey, still I must invite.
           Em          C               G           D              Em           
If there's anything to say, if there's anything to do. If there's any other 
C           G            D
way, I'd do anything for you.

And that's it. It's 100% accurate - or, at least, as accurate as can be expected
when transcribing it from banjo to guitar. Have fun with the pull-offs and hammer-
ons. If you've listened to any of Sufjan's other stuff, you'll know what to do. Enjoy.

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