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Transcribed by Daniel Meijer

The main chord riff....ie the intro...is sus2 chords:
            B5                                                D5
E---2------------5------------- | 
B--2-2-2-2------5-5-5-5-------- | 
G--4-------4----7-------7------ | 
D--4------------7-------------- | 
A--2------------5-------------- | 
E--x-------------x------------- | 

Hold the chord while you play the little line on the 2nd & 3rd string. So in the verse, when I say "Bsus2" 
mean the riff above.

-----A>>>B---  means bend note A to the pitch of B.

Lead Break:

                        F#5                                    D5                              A5                                    E5                                    D5
e---------------------5>>>7---------------------- | 
B-----------------------------5>>>>7------------- | 
G--4>>>>6-----7>>>>(b9)------------------7>>>>(b9)--- | 

B5            D5
an' I                  received this gift from you

A5                                                E5                                                                              D5                                                                              E5
Pleasantly surprised, I never thought you'd realise that maybe

B5            D5
I                                    have taken this from you

A5                                          E5                                                                              D5                                    E5
If I was deserving, who am I to disagree

A5                                                      E5                                                                  D5                                                B5
How can I refuse this, even if I don't deserve it?

And now, I give this gift to you
Could have got you anything but this will have to do
It's how I give this gift to you
Doesn't seem like much but it's the best that I could do
I'm giving everything away before I go for good.

F#5                                                                                    E5
And once you give the gift away
                                    D5                                                                        B5
there's nothing you can do about it.
F#5                                                            E5
Nothing that you do or say
                        D5                                                                        B5
can change the way I feel about it
F#5                                                E5
Try to look inside of me
                  D5                                                                              B5
To find the gift that I am giving
F#5                                                      E5
Glad you had a chance to see
                        D5                                                            B5
the gift that I'm delivering

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