• Song:

    Under The Sun

  • Artist:

    Sugar Ray

  • Album:

    The Best Of

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Bm            E    A7        D

"Now this is somethin' from back in the day!!"

Bm            E      A7        D
I'll always remember Run DMC 
Bm            E                  A7          D
And all the good times that we had on the beach 

Bm                   E
Stealing sips from a paper cup 
A7                     D
And making out in the sand 
Bm            E
Maybe I'm dreaming 
G5        A5
Can you tell me 

Bm         E
Do you remember 
       A7         D         
The summers that lasted so long 
Bm           E
June til September 
    A7            D
Was our time to sing all the songs 
Bm        E
Do you remember 
A7             D
All of us together 
Bm             A7         E
As we grew up under the sun 

I'll always remember everything we do 
Rockin' the eighties blastin' KROQ 
I remember Culture Club 
The Clash, and Men Without Hats 
Seems kind of funny right now 
But it's taking me back 
We'd always sing along 
And laugh out loud at ourselves 
Don't want to stop dreaming 
Can you tell me 


Bm                 E
I want to rewind every time 
            D                   A
'Cause the words have so much meaning 
Bm                     E
They were there when nobody cared 
Always knew what I was feeling 
Bm      E            Bm        E
Stay tonight don't leave me reminiscing
All I do is wind up missing you  
Are you missing me 

Bm       E       A7       D
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

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