• Song:

    Fade Away

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Sa Wakas

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tabbed by: Jaypee_dude

   Tuning: Standard
   Chords used: C5 , G5 , A5 , F5 , Ab5 , Bb5

             C5    G5    A5   F5    Ab5   Bb5   E5   C5   G5   Am2
         E --0----3----0----x----4----6----0----3----3----5---
         G --1----3----1----1----4----6----0----3----3----5---
         D --0----0----2----2----5----7----0----5----4----5---
         B --2----0----2----3----6----8----2----5----5----7---
         A --3----2----0----3----6----8----2----3----5----7--- 
         E --x----3----x----1----4----6----0----x----3----5---
       * - strum palm muted 8 times
   Verse 1:
                       C5            G5                   A5          G5
       Dont you ever wonder, where all your happy thoughts have gone.
                          F5     Ab5          Bb5               C5 - G5
       In case you dont remember, We were Peter Pans for a day.
   Verse 2:
                               C5            G5                   A5  G5
       You said it's all in a days work,but days will turn into week.
                       F5             Ab5          Bb5              C5  C5
       And  on and on, and on we go, till we just forget, oh we forget.

                         F5           G5
       There goes your world, on a train,
         C5               G5             Am2
       Catch it cause it's making it's last trip
         G5         F5 *
       Time, dont take it away
             Ab5 *           Bb5 *               G5 *    Ghold
       Dont take it away. Dont take it all, away...hey

               C5                        G5               Am2 
       And We move to the left, then we move to the right
                         E5              F5          Ab5 - Bb5
       forward never backwards til the moment's gone
                C5     G5
       We all fade away
         C5                G5                    Am2
       Spin around we dont make a sound,you know time keeps
              E5             F5          Ab5 - Bb5
       moving on Until our moment's gone
       We all fade away.

   Verse 3: (Repeat Verse 2 Chords)

       We cant be young forever, but that's what old men say
       JUst try to remember, We were John and Wendy yesterday..oh...hey

   (Repeat the Pre-Chorus)
                F5            G5
       Tell me who, do you recall
                C5      G5          Am2       G5
       When Saturday mornings were meant for fun
           F5 *        Ab5 *                Bb5 *             G5
       Oh do you remember, or have you thrown it all...Away...

   Repeat the Chorus 2 times (Except for final line)

                       C5 - G5 - A5 - E5 - F5 * - Ab5 - Bb5 - C5
       Then we fade away...

   Yun lang po! sana ay makagawa pa ako ng mas maga-gandang tabs tulad ng
   mga idol ko.
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