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**Capo One** 
Intro: C5  G5  F5  G5 (x2) 
C5         G5          F5 
They say this town, stars stay up all night, well I 
C5           G5              F5 
Don?t know, can?t see ?em , for the glow of the city lights 
C5         G5         F5  
Long way from here to the place where the home fires burn 
C5             G5                 F5 
Two thousand miles and one left turn 
C5                  G5 
Dear Mom and Dad, Please send money.  
F5            G5 
I?m so broke it ain?t funny 
C5                      G5                F5     G5 
Don?t need much just enough to get me through 
C5                   G5 
Please don?t worry I?m alright 
     F5                   G5 
I?m playin? here at the bar tonight 
A5                   G5              F5 
This time I?m gonna make my dreams come true 
   D5                                 F5 
I love you more than anything in the world 
 G5                C5  G5  F5  G5
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