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Author/Artist: Supertones
Title: Little Man
Album: Supertones Strike Back
Transcribed by: Brian Germer (Soul Detergent Music)
Email: BJG20773@ix.netcom.com

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?????????????????????? http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/6098/index.htm

?? Am??? Bm???? A??? D??? E??? G???? C??? D2??????????????????????????????

Intro:? Am? Bm? - use ska rhythm

Drum fill transition

E5 /? /? (w/dist)?? "Pick it up!"

Verse 1: (use ska rhythm)
Keep both my eyes transfixed on the prize
A high-rise under blue skies my piece of the pie
There's a hole in my heart that I know how to fill
That's to light my cigarettes with a hundred dollar bill
It's all about cash flow the California dream
To make the grade you gotta make the green
My friend I'm the champion I've no time for losers
Never ask for nothing cuz' beggars can't be choosers

A5? C5? G5? A5? C5? D5? (2x)

Verse 2:

Lookin' out for number one's a full time occupation
I give to me myself and I my own salvation
Some people try to tell me God can save me from my sin
God can take a number and I'll pencil Him in
Busy o' so busy I got no time to search
My Sunday's are all booked I got no time for church
That's for those poor souls dry as a stone
God bless this child cuz' this child's got his own

A?? G??????????????? C?????????? D2?
Oh, let my pride fall down, I'm a little man? (2x)?

Verse 3:

He who gets the most toys and dies is the winner
I'm livin' the high life with lobster tail dinners
My Lexus, my yaucht, my gold chains and rings
These are a few of my favorite things
But most of all I keep my billfold the closest to my heart
House decorated with million dollar works of art
Roll with the bigwigs they think I am the man
But then I stop and look and think about how big I really am

Chorus:? 4x

Dist kicks in...
????????? D5?????? G5??? A5??? }
????????? D5?????? G5? B5? A5? } 2x
Then...?? G5?? A5??? 8x

????????? A5? C5? G5? A5? C5? D5? (2x)

Refrain: (play G5?? A5? 8x)

Mammon is an unforgiving God so I cast him away
I live my life to God, not to get paid
Money can never save soul and I don't think I can
I look to God and I fell like a little man

Chorus 4x (use power chords with dist.)
G? A?

c1997 BEC Recordings?
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