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                                        Surfer Blood
Needles and Pins

Great tune from a good band.  This one is off their latest album, Pythons.  Check 'em 
out! (please forgive me if the lyrics aren't 100% correct)

Intro/Main riff: D F# G A

D          F#      D          F#
Immaculate savior, this is my prayer to you

G                     A                       G                  A
Dampen my tongue so I can't taste the malice, numb me from any regret

D             F#    D                        F#
Touch me with fire, fill me with needles and pins

G       A             D           F#    G           A         D           F#
Unlucky weekends have left me for dead, staking out lovers to wetting the bed

G              A     D              F#
Fall down like rain, run through my veins

G          A              D          F#         G             A         D
Land on my lips where you taste like champagne, stinging like needles & pins

We'll cover our footprints
We'll weave it and tie dye the touch
We'll stay up late or all night if we want to
Hijack the earliest train

But we should be wary
Of who we're pretending to be

How many weekends have left me for dead
Staking out lovers to wetting the bed
Fall down like rain
Run through my veins
Land on my lips where you taste like champagne
Stinging like needles and pins


You're speaking a language I know
I am immune to your faults and short comings
We're not so different at all

Our covers are scorching
The spring time is melting away
Let's slip away to the south pass tonight
Look to the east as the cities ignite
Up and abroad
Hammer of God
Ten thousand angels in heaven above
It sounds like the drop of a pin
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