• Song:

    Lifes A Gas

  • Artist:

    T Rex

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T. Rex "Life's A Gas"
J.R. Sommavilla heyjoe44@yahoo.com

G: (320033)
D: (xx0232)
Am: (002210)

G                                    *Fill
I could have loved you girl like a planet 
I could have chained your heart to a star 
         Am                      D
But it really doesn't matter at all 
         Am                      D
But it really doesn't matter at all 
          G   *Fill                     *Fill
Life's a gas,       I hope it's gonna last 

I could have built a house 
On the ocean 
I could have placed your love 
In the sky 

I could have turned you 
Into a priestess 
I could have burned 
Your fate in the sand. 

Marc occasionally throws in this little fill while playing a G.  If you have the cd, just listen to the song to figure out where it goes.

A-------0h2------- (h means hammer on)
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