• Song:

    Could It Be Magic

  • Artist:

    Take That

  • Album:

    Never Forget: The Ultim...

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Am      G         Cm                  Bb
   Spirits move me, everytime I'm near you
   Cm                Bb           C7
   Whirling like a cyclone in my mind

   Am         G          Cm           Bb
   You're my lifeline, angel of my lifetime
   Cm              Bb          C7
   Answer to all answers I can find
    C      Fm   C   Fm    C#    G            Eb
   Baby, I want you, come, come, come into my arms
    F               C#               C7
   Let me feel the wonder of all of you
    C           Fm C  Fm   C#    G               Eb
   Could it be magic now, now, now and hold on fast
    F                 C#       C7
   Could this be the magic at last.

Baby, take me, high upon a hillside
high up, where the stallion meets the sun
I could love you, build my world around you
Never leave you 'til my live is done

Baby, I want you....
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