• Song:

    This Is All Now

  • Artist:

    Taking Back Sunday

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Chords by Sam Bradley.

The chords I use are:

F5    C#5 Eb5    Ab5 C5
------------------- | 
------------------- | 
------------------- | 
-10--6---8-------5- | 
-8---4---6---6---3- | 
-------------4----- | 

Of course, you don't have to play them as power chords but I figured the 'F' needs to be 
played up the neck for it to sound right. :)

F5              C#5
So now I am owed this

F5                 C#5
one self indulgent tirade.

F5                 C#5
Hollow attempt to

to sell my point of view.

F5                   C#5
Yeah I know what's rotting

F5                 C#5
beneath your best intentions,

F5                   C#5
at the heart of your convictions

Eb5                                 Ab5
sits a broken man that needs to understand

I am owed this now.

I am owed this now.

I am owed this now!

This is...

C5         Ab5
all I ever asked from you

 Eb5              C5
the only thing you couldn't do

F5         Ab5             Eb5
tell me the whole truth

C5                  Ab5
You don't know yourself

Eb5         C5
How can I know you?

F5         Ab5
I will not be moved

till you tell me the whole truth.

Then repeat for second verse and chorus.


C5         Ab5                               Eb5
Next time you're standing on that stage

(lying to yourself, lying to yourself)

C5             Ab5                 Eb5
Selling your cold hollow faith

(You're still lying to me, you're still lying to me)

Repeat this again.

That is about it, just use the same chord progression to finish the song.
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