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    Patient Three

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Guitar 1 plays with distortion, guitar 2 use reverb or flanger

Verse repeats this pattern

C5 - Bb5 - G5 - F5 slide up to G5


Patient 3 sits all alone, staring blankly at the phone
Hoping for someone to call
He sits and cries and wonders why
he's the chosen one to die
Is the pain worth it all?
Patient 3's like you and me, same age with lots ahead to see
That don't apply to him
'Cos Patient 3 is very ill
with something thats gonna kill
Theres nothing they can do


G                          Bm
So Daddy Daddy please dont cry
Your only sons about to die
He don't have no choice
G                         Bm
And mother dear can't you see?
I'm as happy as can be
It is just my time
I'll die in my prime


He remembers happy times as he sings through nursery rhymes
Cos they remind him of home
He'd like the chance to live again
Cos he's been ill since he was 10
But you only live once
He wonders why the bad survive and have the right to be alive
What has he done?
He checks the clock its 5 to ten
Will he see Christmas lights again
Will he see tomorrow??

CHORUS (same as above)

Last verse

(Use same chords as chorus - Darney picks through-if anyone knows
how to play his part can they please submit it - thanks)

A few nights later as stars shone
Patient 3 was sadly gone
Free at last
Doctors tired said we tried
Patient 3 was bound to die
Nothing they could do
Family stand round with their grief
Mixed with feeling of relief
Cos he aint suffering
And as this life ends right next door
All alone sits Patient 4
crying quietly
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