• Song:

    City Of Dreams

  • Artist:

    Talking Heads

  • Album:

    Once in a Lifetime (dis...

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Verse 1:
D5                     G5
  Right where you are standing
  The dinosaurs did a dance
D5                    G5
  The indians told a story
  Now it has come to pass

G5                   D5
  The Indians had a legend
  The Spaniards lived for gold
G5                        D5
  The white man came and killed them
  But they haven't really gone

D5                A5       G5
  We live in the city of dreams
D5                 A5          G5
  We drive on the highway of fire
  Should we awake
  And find it gone
  Remember this, our favorite town

Verse 2:
From germany and Europe
And Southern U.S.A.
They made this little town here
That we live in to this day

The children of the white man
Saw Indians on TV
And heard about the legend
How their city was a dream


Verse 3:
The Civil War is over
And World War One and Two
If we can live together
The dream it might come true

Underneath the concrete
The dream is still alive
A hundred million lifetimes
A world that never dies

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