• Song:

    The Hollow

  • Artist:

    Tall Heights

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Transcribed by Nick Ver Voort

Intro: Arpeggiate open A chord

A5                   D5
I wanted to find a hollow
  E5                 D5           A5 
a place to fill the empty in my mind
A5                         D5
My silence had me caving inwards 
      E5                D5                 A5
and I longed for us to speak between the lines

B5                     D5                            
And when I'd find that hollow
 A5                          E5
I'd leave every trace of it behind 
A5                     D5
I'd have known you'd follow
E5                       D5           A5 
but this hollow was for me alone to find 
C#5                 D5
Or so I thought 
C#5                 D5
Or so I thought, oh what a fool 

Oh what I was, oh what you are
these are the strangest times 
E5                             A5
Has my young love faded out of sight?
F#5                                               D5
Oh where we were and where we are, they're not so far apart 
E5                                      A5      B5            A5
We'll set off for that hollow at first light, yeah we will, yeah we will 

A5                       D5
At last we reached the hollow 
   E5                D5             A5
we sink down in the moss upon the ground 
   A5                        D5
My compass had been helter skelter, 
E5               D5                 A5
like a fly in a fish bowl buzzing round 

     B5                        D5
Your heart against my chest a-humming 
   A5                                E5
it sings your song of sorrow to me now 
A5                         D5
But my songbird shall not wallow
E5                  D5              A5 
drawn back to this secret we have found
C#5                           D5  
And I hear the water rushing down below
C#5                        D5
it doesn't matter now, oooooh

[Repeat Chorus]

[Cello solo over A and E]

[Repeat Chorus x2]
[Last line slower]

F#5                         E5
Oh and we were, oh and we are
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