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C                     Am
you hang around for a living
C           Am            G            F
Somewhere between all the land and the sky
C                 Am
Being by never forgiving
C      Am            G          F
Nobody knows you and neither do I
Dm  G   Dm  Fm

C                      Am
Birds may believe at a distance
C          Am            G         F
You wear a grin and keep perfectly still
C                Am
Driven away with persistence
C        Am           G
I wonder if they have wondered
   F         Dm   G       Dm     Fm
Or will ever wonder, ever wonder


 |  /   slide up
 |  \   slide down
 |  h   hammer-on
 |  p   pull-off
 |  ~   vibrato
 |  +   harmonic
 |  x   Mute note
 |  b   Bend
 |  pb  Pre-bend
 |  br  Bend release
 |  pbr Pre-bend release
 |  brb Bend release bend
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