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G            D
 i'm too much or not enough
C                    D
 maybe everyone else is messed up
    G               D
well anyway i can't seem to stay
           Am          C
in just one state of mind

G                   D
 waiting 'round for something better
        C                 D
i'm the one that wouldn't let her
now i'm back and for
      C                  D
i get bored when she's no perfect find

G                     D
 'cause it's one thing or another
C                  D
 i don't even know why i bother
G               D         C   DG
 one thing just tears her down
'cause it's one thing or another
i don't even know why i bother
something i just can't get around

 consider the possibility
D                    C
that you've been had but not by me
G          D
we're just kids
      C               CG
don't worry about this

G             D              C
 my course is run and i'm so tired
          Em                G
still the next one comes inspired
       Am        C
i feel bad and i should
           Am                G
i made her sad and i knew it would


Em        G
i need to learn
Am         C
to wait in turn
       D               G
'cause now i just step blindly
and i'm only happy when
i ca close my eyes and i just dive in
and forget about acting kindly


still i know you won't let me down
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