• Song:

    Didn't We Love

  • Artist:

    Tamara Walker

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C5 A5 F5 G5 x2 
Quarter moon 
Always makes me think of you 
                  F5       E5 
Are you thinking of me too 
When you see it shine 
It's kinda sad 
But I'm smiling imagine that 
                           F5          E5 
Coz we were lucky to have what we had 
               G5     D5 
If only for a time 

G5                 C5          D5 
Didn't we set the night's on fire 
    G5       C5         D5 
Did ever a flame burn any higher 
E5                 C5 
Wasn't it so sweet wasn't it 
D5           G5 
Didn't we love  
It's okay 

Sometimes I just get this way 

I can't forget you anyway 

I wouldn't even try 
I'd rather fall 

Than never to have flown at all 

It was heaven afterall 

If only for a time 
F5            E5         D5      G5 
Oh didn't we have it all back then 
F5      E5        G5     D5 
Will I feel this way again? 
E5                     C5 
Wasn't it bitter sweet wasn't it 
D5                   G5 
Didn't we.........love
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