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    Maynards Big Front Porch

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Intro: A5  D5  E5 (x2)


A5                       D5                 E5
Bumping to the sawmill in a '57 Dodge,
A5                         D5                      E5
Ease around Lake Hell and Gone and up behind the lodge,
A5 - Ab5 - F#5              D5                      
Ring the bell and Sam will get you in his worn out 9.9,
A5 - Ab5 - F#5              D5                      
Soon you're at the cottage in those old windblown pines

All day out at Bonfire Island we'd just hang around,
Then we'd head over to Maynard's just as soon as the sun went down,
Called his place the Red Bandanna 'cause he loved that Bobby McGee
Pass you a Golden and say, "Play that song for me"


               F#5                   C#5                        
And we'd sit on Maynard's big front porch and we'd play our guitars
               F#5                   C#5                 D5    
That old Coleman lantern was our moon, fireflies our stars
               F#5                   C#5                  D5   
       E5              A5
That whole summer out on Healy Lake, the un-i-verse, was ours.

Bridge: A5 D5 E5 (x2)

The chords are the same for the rest of the song.

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