• Song:

    Apocalypse Dreams

  • Artist:

    Tame Impala

  • Album:

    Apocalypse Dreams

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G       Em
Bb7M     C
Eb        Ab

G                          Em         Bb7M
This could be the day that we push through
C        Eb                      Ab           G
It could be the day that all our dreams come true
    Em     Bb7M 
For me and you
C         Eb                  Ab     F#
Til we're at the end of just another day
Eb     F

G                       Em        Bb7M
You're too terrified to try your best
C       Eb                Ab      G
Just to end up with an educated guess
Em       Bb7M
Blank success
C          Eb                     Ab
Like those times you wake up mystified
G                    Em      Bb7M
Oh, it feels so real in my sleep
C     Eb                        Ab      G
Never had something so close up good to me
                        Em         Bb7M
We could do any damage, could this be it
C      Eb                             Ab       
Do you really wanna live without this feeling
F#                    Eb
Everything is changin'
            Eb7M    F#     Eb
And there's nothing I can do
   F#                    Eb
My world is turning pages
      Eb7M     F#         
While I am just sitting here
Eb    F

Instrumental break (with the same chords as the verses)
G          Em
Bb7M     C
Eb         Ab

Em           Bb7M
Am I getting closer
C           Eb
Will I ever get there
Ab           G
Does it even matter
Em          Bb7M
Do I really need it
C               Eb
Wish that I'd remember
Ab             G
Am I really up there?
Em         Bb7M
Did I ever want it
C              Eb
Does it really matter
       Ab         G
It was only yesterday
Em          Bb7M
Didn't even know you
C             Eb
Now I'm gonna miss you

Eb  Eb7M

Eb  F

F#                  Eb
Nothing ever changes
                F#                 Eb  Eb7M
No matter how long you do your hair
F#        C#
Looks the same to everyone else
F#                    Eb
Everything is changin'
                 F#          Eb  Eb7M
I guess I should warn my mom
But she'll just be excited

F#         \
Eb          \
Gb           \ x6 (until the song fades out)
Eb   Eb7M  /
C#          /
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