• Song:

    A Player A Pawn A Hero A King

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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A Player, a Pawn, a Hero, a King

       B         Ebm     E       B 
He's a player, a pawn, a hero, a king
               Ebm            E                F#
A spectacle of spangles as he flies across the screen
        E            Abm    Eb                    Abm  
He's an idol for the lover, a smile for those who cry
E             B                  C#m               F#
A fantasy for million ladies and sometimes wonders why

He's on a carousel, a spent wheel, a never ending line 
Of interviews and autographs and lights that blind the eyes
But on his way to stardom, he's had to live some lies
'Bout his hopes and dreams, his loves, it seems the world won't realize

           B      Ebm                   E                         B
But he's a man, a strong and simple man standing proud and walkin tall
       E           B             E          B       
With a longing for living, never takin just giving
       E               B              A F#  
He's a man that no one really sees at all

He's a player, a pawn, a hero, a king

by: Jos? Duarte
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