• Song:

    A Player A Pawn A Hero A King

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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B         Ebm     E       B 
He's a player, a pawn, a hero, a king
               Ebm            E                F#
A spectacle of spangles as he flies across the screen
        E            Abm    Eb                    Abm  
He's an idol for the lover, a smile for those who cry
E             B                  C#m               F#
A fantasy for million ladies and sometimes wonders why

He's on a carousel, a spent wheel, a never ending line 
Of interviews and autographs and lights that blind the eyes
But on his way to stardom , he's had to live some lies
'Bout his hopes and dreams, his loves, it seems the world won't realize

           B      Ebm                   E                         B
But he's a man, a strong and simple man standing proud and walkin tall
       E           B             E          B       
With a longing for living, never takin just giving
       E               B              A F#  
He's a man that no one really sees at all

He's a player, a pawn, a hero, a king

by: Jos? Duarte
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