• Song:

    All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

  • Album:

    Higher Ground

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A5            E5         F#5        D5   
A time there was I was feeling so hopeless,
A5               E5           A5 
It's a wonder I didn't cave in
                E5       F#5           D5   
I kept throwing love at all the wrong people 
A5        E5       A5
Never to see it again

    C#5             D5              A5
Oh, Lord, won't you look what I've found?
F#5        D5            A5
Staring me right in the face
    F#5           E5            D5             
I'm through being lonely, I'm through being sad
    F#5 D5       A5             E5          A5 
I'm all through throwing good love after bad

Now I think of all the time I have wasted 
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
Trusting my heart to the kindness of strangers,
Oh, I was so naive

Chorus (2X)
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