• Song:

    Closer Than Ever

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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B5           E5                B5
Honey, I?m home and at last the day is over
         F#5                              B5
You been runnin? through my mind all day long
                               E5        B5
And there?s something I?m just dying to tell you
          F#5                    B5 
We?re not lovin? enough here at home

And maybe it?s a woman?s intuition,
For I had those same feelings too
We?ve been living not loving together
And I?m so glad to hear it from you

B5                                            A5  E5
Turn out the lights, come to bed, let?s get together
                  F#5                                        B5
Cause when you?re touching me you, mean so much to me in my arms
           E5                                D5  A5      
You know I cared, I?ll be there, it will be better
         B5                           E5 
We?ll be closer than ever than ever again
B5                 E5 
Closer than ever again
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