• Song:

    Crying Steel Guitar

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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E                              A
I'm not surprised to find you here in this old dim lit world
     B                                          E
I'll bet you've held a thousand poor broken-hearted girls
You sound so sad you must have had your share of misery
                         E               B             E
But you're just a crying steel guitar so cry again for me

E                               D A
Cause while you're crying his mem'ry's dying
          E                        F#             B7
There's a special kind of sigh in the lonely way you cry
E                         A 
You express my feelings and my tears no one will see
                     E                  B              E  C
So let you cold blue lonely strings cry once again for me

(up ? measure to F )
I'll be here at this table again tomorrow night
Each time that I'm close to you I know I'll be all right
I loved him more than anything but it's over I can see
If you don't mind please steel guitar cry much again for me


by: Jos? Duarte
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