• Song:

    Hes Still My Man

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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He's Still My Man 

Ab         Eb                 Ab  
My man can make my heart feel sad
                   Eb                 Ab  Eb Ab G F# 
He runs around and that makes me feel bad
              F           Bbm                  C#m
And when he's had his fun he comes in with the rising sun
Fm                                 Bb 
Looks at me, says, Honey, don't be mad.

But I'll take the bitter with sweet
And cherish the love I get each time we meet
'Cause when he holds me tight I tell him, everything's all right.
Bb             Eb                Ab
While my heart crumbles at his feet.

Ab                       C                C# 
But Lord, please help me stop his urge to roam
        Bb                        Bbm         Eb  
Help me love him all I can 'cause love makes a home
        Ab               C        C# 
There's something deep inside him I can't understand
    Bb        Eb            C    Bb        Eb            Ab   
But meanwhile he's still my man, meanwhile he's still my man.

There's something deep inside him...

by: José Duarte
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