• Song:

    Oh How I Miss Him

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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Oh, How I Miss Him 

G                    C     G                     C       G 
Through the dark and lonely night, waitin' for the morning light
Oh, how I miss him
This cold and empty bed, it's a feeling that I dread
Oh, how I miss him.

G                 C      G              C    G
There's a burning deep inside only he can satisfy
But he's not here with me
               D                        D7
Two other arms hold him, two other lips kiss him
Oh, how I miss him.
      Dm         G     F# F                 C
Is it just imagination or should I trust my man
   Dm               G       F#            F               G
So until I know for certain I'll give him all the love I can.

            C                F         C                  F
But when he comes to me and loves me, he sets my mind at ease
      C        G         Am        
But until then oh, how I miss him
G         F       C
Oh, how I miss him...
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