• Song:

    Right Here In Your Arms

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

  • Album:

    Love Songs

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Right Here in Your Arms

Intro: F  Eb  Dm  C C7

F (133211@1)  F\G Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)        CmLove (x3101x@1)has come our way before
    F7 (131241@1)           Bbmaj7 (x13231@1)name="chord_x32310@1">C7               Am (x02210@1)  Gm (355333@1)C7 (x32310@1)          
But this time I am sure   we just can't go wrong
      F (133211@1)  F\G Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)       Cm (x3101x@1)Cause love has never felt so real
    F7 (131241@1)               Bbmaj7 (x13231@1)name="chord_x32310@1">C7                F (133211@1)Gm (355333@1)name="chord_x32310@1">C7                     
The way you've made me feel  right here in your arms

When I look into your eyes 
I still can see that far, we both thought it was gone
So give me one more chance to take
What's left over and make it right here in your arms

Cm7         			      Bbmaj7Cause (x13231@1)in your arms is right where I belong
Gm (355333@1)	    C7Loving (x32310@1)you forever from now on

One more chance is all we need
Cause I know love will be right here in your arms

by: Jos? Duarte 
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