• Song:

    If I Fall

  • Artist:

    Tara Maclean

  • Album:

    Live From Roots Lodge

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Here's some Tara MacLean.. people have been requesting, so i'll add
more tab when i get a chance.. this is from her album Passanger..

Intro:  C  G Am Dm C Am G

Verse: C G Am x3
       Dm F G - hold on the G

Chorus:  Am G C x3
         Dsus4 D

Bridge 1: Am G x3

Bridge2:  G Am C  F  Dm E Em

It seems so far to go
It took so long to get here
Now i'm saying things i swore i'd never say
And i'm afraid again

I thought i had it in me
I used to be so sure
There i was stronger than ever
And here i am blaming the hurt.. oh

And if i fall
I would find a way back to my hands
I'm the only one who can help me find my feet again
Sweet litte fighter
Sweet little scar
Sweet little fire in my heart

It seems so easy now
Everything i dreamed about when i was a child
It looks like a good place here
So i think i'll stay for a while

You came here screaming
And never stopped to listen to your one and only prayer
A place for you somewhere
Sweet little fighter
Sweet little scar
Sweet little fire in my heart..

that's it.. if there's any questions.. email me at avrttr@mta.ca
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