• Song:

    Ronnie Goes To Heaven

  • Artist:

    The 241ers

  • Album:


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E             C
Oh, Lord, I see a light
I hear broad gates throwing back their bolts
Feel arms of welcome open wide
    E                     C
Oh, Lord, the light is so bright
And I don't know what it means
I don't know what it means
         E             C
It means rows of shiny fighter jets
    G                   D
And shelves for Nancy's china sets
E        C              D
BODs and candy jars and war (bloody war)
And so much more

    E                 C
Oh, Lord, you are too good to me
Your hands are warm and your grip is firm
Your light is so bright that I can't see
    E                 C
Oh, Lord, is this the promised land?
I pray that you will lead the way
And hold on tightly to my hand

  E                   C
Believe me, son, I'll hold you tight
    G                     D
And guide you through the blinding light
       E                C
To the death of all the union shops
      G                 D
And a noose for Mikhail Gorbachev
    E           C         G     D 
Our streets are free from pesky beggars
       E         C          G    D
You'll dine with Marcos and Noriega
     E        C                G       D          E      C
Your slickest schemes and your darkest dreams are coming true
             G        D
You're gonna get what you deserve

    E                 C
Oh, Lord, the light's so bright
I don't mean to criticize
But it's really starting to hurt my eyes
    E                         C
Oh, Lord, your grip is just a little too tight
If you could loosen it just a touch
You don't have to be so rough

E            C           G       D
"Rough," you say? You've made my day
E           C          G      D
Wait'll you see what's on the way
E       C        G      D
Welfare cuts and Contra funding
      E          C          G        D
Gonna learn you, boy, about pain and suffering

G             D    C
Oh no, what's happening?
G            D         C
No, no, it's all a bad dream
G            D      C
My God, what have I done?
E                  D
Something has gone wrong
G              D      C
Yes, yes, it's all as planned
G                  D     C
Ron my boy you are now a man
       G               D        C
You'll learn and burn anew each day
       E             D
To the deepest rungs away
And Heaven's grace may trickle down someday

Oh, Lord, how could I have been so wrong?
   G                  D
My father weren't you with me all along?
    E                  C
Oh, Lord, I want to go back
Purge memory kill history
Dream unilateral attack

         E                  C
Hush, my son, you have done me so proud
Smiling simpering sold my bag
Across your nation raised my flag
   E               C
My son, now off to bed with you
I'll wake you when the others have arrived

It won't be long now
          E         C  G  D
They will follow you
They will follow you
  E                    C
Hello, John Paul, it's been too long
     G                        D
It's really great that you've come along

They will follow you
 E                C
Mr. Falwell, what a surprise
G             D
Settle in and dry your eyes

They will follow you
E              C
Maggie, Henry, Mommy dear
G                     D             E
Welcome home, there's room for many more

B        0     4     0
G    1     3      3      1
E                             4
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