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intro riff (based on G):

e---3-----3-------3------------- | 
b---0-----0-------0------------- | 
g---0-----0-------0------------- | 
d------------0h2-----0h2-------- | 
a-----0h2----------------------- | 
E-3----------------------------- | 

*the rest of the fills and stuff are
pretty easy to figure out

G5                          G5
I treat it like a high school dance

               C5                A5
Waiting in the wings for my big chance

F5                        E5
But I would only stare at my shoes

              C5              G5
You belong to me I belong to you

I could tell an antique lie
Full of all the things I want to hide
But that would only lead to the truth
You belong to me I belong to you

But I'm lazy and I'll pull you down

Where you won't want to be

        D5                             A5
And I'm tasting what's pouring out of you

C5   C5                    G5
    What am I supposed to do?

I could play a trick so strange
Cover up my ears and pray for rain
But that would only give you the blues
You belong to me I belong to you
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