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Verse 1: 
C           G              Am              C       E         C 
Wake up and smile put on a tie Walk to the car and wave goodbye
C     G                   Am                 C                        F        
Radio on You're singing along It's all gonna change but how could you know

C                  E7                     Am 
You're one moment away One chance left to take And you're gone 
         D              C               Am 
Are they gonna remember you for running away
              D                                                 G
Or saving the day from the darkness And letting your love shine through

D/F#          Dm9/F            Em      C  G Am  C E7 
What will you do You're one moment away

Verse 2:

C           G                   Am                C              E7 
Eyes are on you the pressure is on where will you stand when the lines have 
     C                         G                         Am
been drawn the clocks have all stopped, the story's been told
             C                    F
This is your life, so how will it show

Chorus Again 

Am           Dm                 G 
No you can't pretend that forever
                Am       D/F#    G  
Will never come knocking at your door

Verse 3:
C               G                 Am 
Run through the flames Never look back 
             C                        F 
What did you think that you came here for 

Chorus 2x 

Ending C  G  Am
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