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The Afters 
Until The World
By chard267

CAPO 1st Fret

D                 G          
I lose myself to find in me
     D             G
The way it really ought to be
      D             G
It's hard to say I love you
      D             G
It's hard to say I need you

D                    G
If all is well it's hard to tell
    D                   G
It hurts to think of someone else
      D               G
It's hard to say I'll be there
      D              G
It's hard to say I really, really care

            G          A
Until the world won't turn
              D    G
'Till the planets burn
         G         A        Bm
'Til the sun dies I'll be there
           G      A
'Til the heavens come
           D       G
'Til this life is done
            G         A       D
Until the world dies I'll be there

repeat verse and chorus chords...

Outro Chords: G  A  D  G     A    D
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