• Song:

    Changing Acoustic

  • Artist:

    The Airborne Toxic Event

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Tabbed by:kcoyote9

this is my first tab. i love this band and this new single is great. hope you enjoy


C                                                     Am           
All these buckets of rain you can't forget about, you say that I lie,

I am a gentleman didn't I

C                                                           Am
Ask for a place I could stay? Where were we both again? The next part just
got in the way

You were just always talking about

C                                     Am              G
Changing, Changing, What if I was the same then same then, the same I 
always was...

VERSES and CHORUS are same chords same pattern. Then...

F                             C                         G
And days pass, turn into weeks where we don't even sleep, we just lay wide 
  C                          F
awake and pretend we're asleep

F                  C                                  G (hold)
And you go home alone, and you're checking your phone, and you're looking 

at me like I'm something you own...

pretty simple. throw a foot tap in there for drums and you got a one-man airborne event
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