• Song:

    This Losing

  • Artist:

    The Airborne Toxic Event

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No Capo

Intro: C/E  F7M/C   Am   G

(In the Intro for the C/E, you take you middle finger off for one strum and then put it
right back on. For the F7M/C you do the same. For the Am , you take your middle two
fingers off and then right back on. For the G you take the finger that is on the high G 
note and put your first finger on the C note on the B string. This is ONLY FOR THE INTRO AND

     C/E                     F7M/C
I'm Standing at your doorway
      Am             G             C/E
My stomach all tangled n tight
Have it your way
      Am                   G (pause) C/E
Oh God, where are you tonight??
                  F7M/C           Am
'Cuz I don't know what I'm doing here
      G                C/E
Or where to begin
    F7M/C            Am
So take one deep breath
But darling, don't let me in

Instrumental  C/E   F7M/C   Am   G  x2

   C/E                    F7M/C
A Thousand times we've said
       Am         G         C/E
"I'm sorry it's over again"
I can't live like this
     Am              G           C/E
Or feel like this in my own skin
        F7M/C       Am
It all seems so degrading
              G                     C/E (hold)
And like mourning such sin
       F7M/C (hold)  Am (hold)
And faith, just like a child
      G (pause)
Oh darling, don't let me in (whispering)

            C/E                     F7M/C
And we laughed just like children
    Am            G                     C/E
In waiting, in sheets on your bed
          F7M/C  Am
Why we secretly pray
                G                    C/E
Like we're mourning the dead
              F7M/C             Am
And you tell me you're so weary
  G (pause)
I know
                       C/E (hold)
'Cuz I'm weary too
  F7M/C (hold) Am
But hold back a tear
      G (pause)
But darling, what a way to do

(instrumental to outro)  C/E   F7M/C   Am
G   x2

             C/E                 F7M/C
And the wine, and the rain
             Am             G         C/E
And the feel of your skin..Against mine
      F7M/C          Am           G
I'm swimming, I'm flying, I'm dying
        C/E         F7M/C
This face, this fear
Am (hold)           G (hold)               C/E (hold)
Stay with me, oh stay with me my dear
        F7M/C (hold)
This hand
        Am (hold)
This glow
      G (pause)
It's only thing that I love

Instrumental  C/E   F7M/C   Am   G  x4

This losing
This losing
This losing
This losing
This losing
This losing
C/E (hold)
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