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This Losing
Airborne Toxic Event
All I Ever Wanted: Live From Walt Disney Concert Hall

Capo 2nd

Intro(repeated throughout song):

      C            F            Am           G

Intro x4
         C               F
So I'm standing at your doorway
           Am          G            C
With my stomach all tangled and tight
Have it your way
    Am             G(pause) C
Oh God, where are you tonight?
                F             Am
Cause I don't know what I'm doing here
    G           C
Or where to begin
    F             Am
So take a deep breath
       G                  C    F    Am    G
But darling don't let me in
     C              F
A thousand times we've said
      Am          G      C
I'm sorry, it's over again
         F               Am
I can't live like this, feel like this
G            C
In my own skin
         F         Am
It all seems so degrading
          G             C(finger pick)
And the mourning such sin
       F (finger pick) Am (finger pick)
Your face just like a child
   G(pause)            C   F   Am   G   C   F    Am    G
Darling don't let me in
         C               F
And we laugh just like children
     Am         G             C
In waiting in sheets on your bed
        F         Am
Why we secretly pray
             G            C
Like we're mourning the dead
         F                  Am
And you tell me you're so weary
    G              C
I know, I'm weary too
  F          Am
Hold back a tear
     G(pause)                C    F    Am    G
Oh darling, what are we to do?

Instrumental: Violin solo (I think it sounds fine if you play the intro 4 or 5 times 
through gradually getting louder)

         C             F
And the wine and the rain
         Am            G
And the feel of your skin
Against mine
      F            Am          G
I'm swimming, I'm flying, I'm dying
      C              F
This face and this fear
      Am                   G               C
This stay with me, please stay with me my dear
This hand
This glove
       G(pause)        C   F   Am   G   C   F
This only thing I love
This losing
This losing
This losing
This losing
This losing
       G        C
This losing in love
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