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Verse 1:

       A5        F5                 G5
         In this strange tangle of love, I'm learning how to see
       A5         F5              G5                               A5
         In this werid change of space, I'm learning to believe in his life
        F5           G5 
         I'm living, I feel you helping me

                    (verse two is the same thing)


     A5            E5                 G5
       If I were a monster, Would you wince when you looked at me?          
     A5            E5               G5
       If I were a freak, would you stare?

     A5            E5               G5 
       If I were a leper, Would you say unclean?

                    A5    E5  (pause)                         G(?)
       If I was lost,                   would you help me get free?

      A5   E5  G5
       Yeahhh, Yeahhhhhh    x2

                          (Chorus two is the same thing)


          G5                        A5                  F5
            This is real, This is now, I don't wanna goooo 

          G5                    A5             F5
            I hold on, You let go will I ever know?


              The instermental you play the same chords as the chorus.
              ( A5 , E5 , G5 ) you hold the G5 a bit longer then the A5 and E5

          A5                 E5                      G5
            Are you ready to live your life? Are you healed enough?

          A5         E5            G5
            Can you stop?  Can you stop?  And enjoy the ride?
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