• Song:

    Sorry's Not Enough

  • Artist:

    The American Mall

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B5                  F#5
Sorry can't save a heart
                     G5               F#5  F#5
When it breaks and scattered in the wind
B5                 F#5
How can two words cover the hurt
      G5                F#5 F#5
The others been living in
      E5            C5
Oh I never believed I'd ever need
 E5             G5
Any more than I did before

When sorry's not enough
There's nowhere left to turn
There's too much to forgive
Tell me where is the answer
How do you find the strength
The strength to let it go
We need to just to leave
G5                    D5    A5 B5 G5
 When sorry's not enough

Love can fall hard
Even the scar that remembers
How bad it burns
We won't pretend when next time begins
'Cause it makes us live alone
Now I believe that I'm gonna need
A little more than I did before

B5         D5
No there's no going back
       G5                   E5
And tomorrow is all we're gonna have
G5             E5
So we will have
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