• Song:

    Apple Blossom Time

  • Artist:

    The Andrews Sisters

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C                    Em 
I'll be with you in apple blossom time. 
F                      C                G? 
I'll be with you and change your name to mine. 
G7  G?    G7    C   Em   Ebm  A7     Em    A7 
One day in May,  I'll come and say, 
   D7      G7            C?  G? Dm    G7 
"Happy the bride the sun shines on  to - day." 
C                 Em 
What a wonderful wedding there will be. 
F                 E               E7 
What a wonderful day for you and me. 
A7          G?   A7    D7      G? D7 
Church bells will chime, you will be mine 
D7 Fm6  G7   D7  G7   C 
In ap - ple blos-som time.
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