• Song:

    Apple Blossom Time

  • Artist:

    The Andrews Sisters

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C5                    E5 
I'll be with you in apple blossom time. 
F5                      C5                G5 
I'll be with you and change your name to mine. 
G5  G5    G5    C5   E5   Eb5  A5     E5    A5 
One day in May,  I'll come and say, 
   D5      G5            C5  G5 D5    G5 
"Happy the bride the sun shines on  to - day." 
C5                 E5 
What a wonderful wedding there will be. 
F5                 E5               E5 
What a wonderful day for you and me. 
A5          G5   A5    D5      G5 D5 
Church bells will chime, you will be mine 
D5 F5  G5   D5  G5   C5 
In ap - ple blos-som time.
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