Song:           Stonethrower
Artist:         The Antlers
Album:          Uprooted
tabbed by James van Rooyen

   C   G   G/f#  Em  Em7 D  Bm* Cadd2  Em*  Dadd4

When playing the Bm* try and avoid hitting the low E string until appropriate, 
otherwise it throws the progression.
First verse is the same as the others:

C           G            C           G
I threw the first stone, I broke the door
    C           Em               C           G
And someone got stuck inside and fell to the floor
    C           G      C              G
And I drove for hours, landlocked and blank
C         Em             C         G
Hills all around me with no one to thank

Now when I got back here and climbed up my tree
And nobody saw me, I watched them so carefully
Trapped like mosquitoes fucking blood from your arms
Crushed so serenely, without an alarm

    Am        C/G     G
But you still want me back
       Am               Em
In the room when it was cold
            C             G      G/f# Em7 D
And we were walking crooked

I count the copies, I kept receipts
I kept the blisters on the bottom of my feet
Well I'm your assistant or maybe you're mine
But either way you see it, you won't make a dime

Because we don't want it easy, we don't like the plot
We don't take precaution when we know that we should
But if we both just admit it, that we both make mistakes
I think we can handle all the change and the headache

Am            C      G
But you still get me out
When you kick me twice
    Em                C              G     G/f# Em7 D
And took the keys and put them in my hands

Rough guide for next part:
   Bm*          Cadd2

Bm*            Cadd2          Bm*        Cadd2
There's always something now, waiting on
       Bm*     Em*          C
If you just go now, you can leave
        Em      C     Dadd4
You can just go free

Fast part: Basically a hastened verse/chorus
C G C G C Em C G
C G C G C Em C G
Am C
G Am Em C G G/F# Em7 D

I fell asleep, accidentally so
And I didn't wake up 'til an hour ago
So I stood in the window, still half-asleep
With a stone in my hand, the criticisms I keep

I can't write conclusions that ever make sense
Cuz I can't end a story when I'm still on the fence
So I threw the last stone and that set me free
So I wrote no conclusion and came down from my tree
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