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               The Silvery Light of a Dream - The Apples In Stereo
Tabbed by:Travis
Tuning: Standard

Intro: C  G  B7  Em  C...

       G      B7     Em     C          G     B7     Em     C

G   B7   Em  C                  G
Why die?     I don't understand it.
  B7   Em      C               G 
I tried, but I feel dissatisfied.
    B7  Em        C           G
Why die? We never really said goodbye.
  B7    Em        C            G
I cried, from the bottom of my eyes.

G   B7       Em         C      G
I know now I have to be strong.
  B7         Em           C
I know now I have to move on.

Play Intro Again

Same 4 chords for the whole song until the end....

G              Em          Bb
Dreams come to dreamers at night
            Eb              Dm
tell of the sights you have seen,
        F           C
silvery light of a dream,
             Eb            D
saw you last night and you seemed
lost in a dream...
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