• Song:

    A Carolina Jubilee

  • Artist:

    The Avett Brothers

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This is a compilation of tabs from various users to form a perfect album tab.
All credit will be properly given to each user that contributed to towards the
album's tabs/chords. REMEMBER ALL CREDIT IS GIVEN 
(I only tweak to clean up! This could not have been done without you!)

Artist: The Avett Brothers
Album: A Carolina Jubilee
1. The Traveling Song           (Tuning: EADGBE)
2. Love Like the Movies         (Tuning: EADGBE)
3. Sorry Man                    (Tuning: EADGBE)
4. Me and God                   (Tuning: EADGBE)
5. Pretty Girl From Raleigh     (Tuning: EADGBE)
6. Do You Love Him              (Tuning: EADGBE)
7. I Killed Sally's Lover       (Tuning: EADGBE)
8. Pretty Girl From Locust      (Tuning: EADGBE)
9. My Last Song To Jenny        (Tuning: EADGBE)
10.Walking For You              (Tuning: EADGBE)
11.The D Bag Rag                (Tuning: EADGBE)
12.Pretty Girl From Annapolis   (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 3)
13.Smoke In Our Lights          (Tuning: EADGBE)
14.Offering                     (Tuning: EADGBE)
15./(Untitled)\                 (Omitted)


1. The Traveling Song
   Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: J_hart12

One and a two and three... E 
Ae |---|---|---|---|---|B |---|-x-|---|---|---|G |---|-x-|---|---|---|D |---|-x-|---|---|---|A |---|---|---|---|---|E |---|---|---|---|---|
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