• Song:

    Paranoia in B Flat Major

  • Artist:

    The Avett Brothers

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Artist: The Avett Brothers
Song: Paranoia in B Flat Major
Tabbed by: Josh Kaplan
Email: jbklego@gmail.com

Bb Am Gm F Eb F Eb F


Bb                   Am                            Gm
I keep tellin? myself that it?ll be fine
                                      F                                              Eb F
You can?t make everybody happy all of the time
Bb                              Am                          Gm
I found myself in a place that I never been
                                                               F             Eb
A place that I thought that I would never be
F                                                      Bb
There?s people looking back at me

Etc for the rest of the song.
Listen to the record for the rhythm.
Let me know if I got anything wrong.
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