• Song:

    Irish Drinking Song

  • Artist:

    The Bastard Suns

  • Album:

    Blood, Sweat & Beers

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Capo de 2

                    [G]      [C]
Well I drunk myself dumb
               [G]        [C]
For damn near half my life

Well I have been knocked down
[Em]                     [C]
Kicked around 'till the pain
Cut through my veins like a knife

                  [G]        [C]
There's one thing I've said
                [G]             [C]
though I'm not known to be wise
when I hear someone crying out
[Em]           [C]              
lemmenting, I just look them straight
in the eyes and say

          [G] [D]
Oh you're not the only one
        [G]     [Em]    [C]
who ever came home from nothing
           [C]                 [D]
And you're not, you're not the only one
       [Em]     [D]
who returned (wo-o-oh)
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