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Prove You Wrong

By: Benjy Davis

Intro: G Am C D

I called you something terrible
Told you not to call
Held you like I didn't care
While you tried not to fall and I
Done you wrong, I know the song
And I know how it ends
    C                                 D
And I'm sorry, I'm so sorry you're my best friend
Watched you drive away
Even wave goodbye
And I was fine with everything I said
When I got back inside
I was confronted by this heartache
      Am                     C
And I know exactly why - and what I'll do
Gonna treat you like I want somebody else to.

 G        C            D
I'm gonna be a better man
Than the one I was last night
 G         C            D
I'm gonna show you who I am
I'm swallowing my pride
Em                           C
I know right now you think I'm just another waste of time
Em         D        C
I'm gonna prove you wrong, no lie
         C                 D         G
Say goodbye to the old me, hello Mr. Right

This world has been a whirlwind
Driving blind and dodging trains
And I was scared and you were scared and we were both scared of the same thing
I want to see you out, put on that old dress
I need to get you in the candlelight of an old Italian restaurant
Your eyes bring out the room, babe
Go ahead, it's safe to assume
It's safe to assume


  Em                     Am
Didn't mean to leave you out
        C           D
Just to remove any doubt......


*Side Note*
   -When I tabbed this song, I capo-ed the third fret to try and get more of the high
that is heard on the mandolin.  It stays in the key of G.  The only change is that the G
played in an "E-major formation" and the C is played in an "A-major formation".  The 
allows the open sounding chords to ring, like the mandolin.  Of course, all of the other
must be played as bar chords (which I think Benjy does in some of the song anyway, but 
at the Chorus E-minor walk-down part) There was a diminished chord at the end of the 
that I couldn't quite get (probably because of my capo set-up) but the C fills in decently.

Tabbed by: J-Meaux
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