• Song:

    Antique Sandy

  • Artist:

    The Byrds

  • Album:

    Original Album Classics

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Antique Sandy Chords by Byrds

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From RICKL1@IX.NETCOM.COM Sun Mar  9 21:33:09 1997
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 03:22:20 GMT
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Subject: Antique Sandy    The Byrds  Chords/Words

Rough Draft  please post corrections

The Byrds     Antique Sandy   written by Roger McGuinn

A        C#m  A             A7
Antique Sandy lived in the woods
    D               D/C#            Bm          E
And she'd go to the stream when the weather was good
A                    C#m           A           A7
She'd take down the washin for her old man to wear
     D               D/C#  Bm            E
And she tried not to get   eaten by the bear
A                C#m            A           A7
She'd fly to the market in her worn out old balloon
D                        D/C#          Bm              E
That she traded with the flyer  for an antique silver spoon
         A       C#m              A              A7
And when she got home she'd cook upon the wooden stove
          D               D/C#          Bm              E
And she'd go to sleep and listen to the whispers of the grove
    D                                    A
At night she dreamed of places where she lived when she was young
F#m                                             A                A7
Where the corn strip stretched for miles like a giant serpent's tongue
D                                     A
Electric lights and phone bells and every light insane (?)
       F#m                            A             E
Like a hundred thousand hungry  miles meeting at her brain


A                 C#m                A              A7
I greet her in the morning when she wakes up in my arms
           D          D/C#              Bm                E
And I tell her that I love her and I'll keep her free from harm
  A                  C#m            A                A7
I hold her close she matters she is all the world to me
      D                D/C#      Bm                 E
Cause she's my Antique Sandy and she's in love with me

    Copyright @ 1971 Patian & Jackelop Music/BMI
    From the "Farther Along"  LP Columbia Records 1971
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