• Song:

    Artificial Energy

  • Artist:

    The Byrds

  • Album:

    Super Hits

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Artificial Energy Chords by Byrds

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Thanks to Roy J for the words

The Byrds     Artifical Energy      written by  McGuinn/Hillman

B              A       B                  A G E
Sitting all alone now  I took my ticket to ride
B                A             E
Just a matter of time now till I'll be up in the sky
B            A      B                 A  G  E
Coming up on me now, I'm king for a night
B                  A
What's is going to be now
E                             A
Powerful things are brewing inside
E                                           A
Do you thing it's really the truth that you see
E                                   A   A G E     G A E   A G D E
I've got my doubts it's happened to me
B              A   B           A  G   E
Artificial energy is racing my mind
B                  A       E                          A
I've got a strange feeling I'm going to die before my time
E                          A
I'm coming down off amphetamine
E                                A       A G E    G A E    A G D E
And I'm in jail caused I killed a queen

  From the "Notorious Byrd Brothers" LP Columbia Records 1968
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