• Song:

    Kathleens Song

  • Artist:

    The Byrds

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Kathleens Song Chords by Byrds

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Subject: Kathleen's Song      The Byrds         Chords/Words

The Byrds      Kathleen's Song       written by  McGuinn/Levy

D            G            D         Em   D
When I awake you will be gone shady tomorrow
   G      D  G              A
I want to go where will you be
G            D              Em          A
So I'll stay home letting my hair grow long
G          D              A
And I will be waiting for you
D                G         D               Em D
While fire burns summer is gone winter is  sorrow
    G          D    G          A
And time don't mean nothing to me
G             D               Em     A
When only the hours listen to hear my songs
    G      D             Em   A
And I will be walking in dew
D             G           A
And I will be waiting for you
E           A    E        A        D
Some people say love goes away not mine
D              G        D            Em  D
A rose is left for your cheek I will borrow
    G      D     G          A
And find a place for you to see
G         D                  Em       A
A sash of blue tells me your love is strong
G           D               Em   A
Each day my life  starting anew
D             G            A      D
And I will be waiting for you

 Copyright @ 1971 Patian Music and Jackelope Publishing Co.(BMI)
 From the "Byrdmaniax''  LP  Columbia Records 1971
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