• Song:

    Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood

  • Artist:

    The Byrds

  • Album:

    Original Album Classics

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Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood Chords by Byrds

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Subject: Re: Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood   Chords/Words The Byrds
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 14:46:10 GMT

In alt.music.byrds, RICKL1@IX.NETCOM.COM wrote:

>The Byrds      Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood  written by Jackson Browne

>F                                 Bb                  F
>Honey when I brought you here you said that you would sing(?)
>    Bb                  G7                 Bb          F
>You said that you would win(?) your way to fortune and fame
>    F                        Bb                F
>Now I've given everything to keep you warm and clean
>  Bb            G7                        Bb       F
>I didn't bat an eye when you changed your name
>                     Bb             C7               Bb     F
>I'm getting tired of hearing people call you someone else
>                     Bb
>I'm getting tired of seeing you go to work in the morning and eating
>supper by myself
>         F                      Bb              F
>Now this Hollywood producer has offered you the world
>Bb                     G7         Bb     F
>He lets you drive his  sporty new Camero
>F                              Bb               F
>Wonder just how many girls he's told that story to
>    Bb               G7           Bb      F
>How many dreams have gone away in sorrow
>                     Bb                  C7          Bb  F
>I'm getting tires of biting my nails and pumping gasoline
>                     Bb                            C7
>I'm getting tired of waiting for you to figure out why this city is

>    Bb   F        Eb        Bb                     C7
>Mae Jean run back home with me and I'll go back to working on your
>        F
>daddy's farm
>    Bb   F        Eb        Bb
>Mae Jean run back home with me
>     Bb            G              Bb
>This wicked cities bound to do us harm
>F                                        Bb           F
>Now all this time I helped you with your promising career
>  Bb             G7              Bb       F
>I never said one word about your singing
>F                                       Bb          F
>I just want to let you know that you'll still be my star
>       Bb             G7
>If you say goodbye to Hollywood
>            Bb             F
>And do your singing in the shower
>    Bb    F       Eb        Bb                   C7             Bb F

>Mae Jean run back home with me back to where the air is clean + free
>    Bb   F        Eb        Bb
>May Jean run back home with me
>                     G7                      Bb            F
>If this city doesn't get us first it's gonna sink into the sea

>From The Byrds Box Set Columbia/Legacy Records 1990
>out-take from the Ballad Of Easy Rider
>recorded 6/23/69
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