• Song:

    Pale Blue

  • Artist:

    The Byrds

  • Album:

    Original Album Classics

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Pale Blue Chords by Byrds

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From RICKL1@IX.NETCOM.COM Sun Apr 27 11:39:41 1997
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 14:10:01 GMT
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Subject: Pale Blue      The Byrds    Chords/Words

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The Byrds       Pale Blue           written by Roger McGuinn

D               G      D                          G              D
Oh   I love you in the morning when the sun comes shinning thru
       Am             G                 Em                D
And I love you in the daylight when the sheets turn pale blue
D              G       D                     G   D
Well I want to be your lover and to have you all alone
      Am             G         Em            D
But I always got another and I haven't got a home
D            G       D                G      D
Someday I'll stop my traveling settle down with you
D        Am             G                Em               D
And I'll see you in the daylight and the sheets turn pale blue

   Copyright @ 1971 Patian Music(BMI)
   From the "Byrdmaniax''  LP  Columbia Records 1971
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